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See What is Happening at IREM Events!

In May, Chapter 27 toured Tower 12, a newly-finished luxury apartment hi-rise in the heart of Seattle's urban core. The tour included several units and was followed by a presentation by the developer, Claudio Guincher, that included some of the interesting challenges and obstacles encountered while putting a project of this scale together. We welcomed new member Christina Yang, ARM, who has recently achieved her ARM designation. She is pictured above with 2017 Chapter President Karolina Simons, CPM.

Our most recent tour, April 25, 2017, took us to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery where we enjoyed a 30 minute tour of how they make and serve their best coffees. We also welcomed six new members who have worked very hard to earn their credentials. Earning their CPM designations were Kiel Curtis, Terrell Edwards, and Darren Reynolds. Earning the ARM designation were Rachel Grimes, Sean Kelly, and Cameron Stack.

We honored Kemper Freeman with the first ICON Award - December 2016

New Designees at the Publix Tour - November 2016

Kate Shchepanskiy, CPM®
Bonnie Sagiao, ARM®, Targa Real Estate Services
Christopher Gardner, CPM®, Pacific Ridge Real Estate
Beau Haugness, ARM®, Blanton Turner
President Karolina Simons, CPM®, Blanton Turner
Heather Grimm, ARM®, Targa Real Estate Services
Amanda Myette, ARM®, Targa Real Estate Services
Tabitha Vetter, ARM®, Targa Real Estate Services
Kevin Weishaar, CPM®

New Designees at the Annual Meeting - September 2016

Connie Arambul, ARM®, Mullally Development Co.
Marcie Bartlett, ARM®, Allied Residential
Billie Jo Bronson, ARM®, Targa Real Estate
Samantha Gibson, ARM®, Pinnacle
Peggy Kellogg, ARM®, Targa Real Estate
Jamie Matthews, ARM®, Essex
Nick McKay, ARM®, Blanton Turner
Randi Olson, ARM®, Targa Real Estate
Liz Salazar, ARM®, Targa Real Estate
Kiril Urekeanu, ARM®, Allied Residential
Lauree Scheiber, CPM®, Madrona Ridge Residential

A great time was had by all at the Professional Partner & Golf Vendor Appreciation Happy Hour on July 7, 2016. Our two selected charities, Mary's Place and Plymouth Housing, were also able to attend and tell about their work with the homeless.

More From The Zillow Tour - April 2016

New Designees At The Zillow Tour - April 2016:

Loren Van Oss CPM®, Mullally Development Corp.
Diana Norbury CPM®, Pillar Properties

Candice Johnson ARM®, Alliance Residential Company
Tim Maass ARM®, Blanton Turner

New Designees At The Alley 111 Tour - February 2016:

Kate Ramirez ARM®, Sherron Associates
Tara Goodin CPM®, Allied Residential
Darla Morin CPM®, CBRE

New Designee At The Proctor Station Tour - January 2016:

Kristy Herr ARM®, Allied Residential

New Designees At The 400 Fairview Tour - October 2015:

Drew Hicks CPM®, Winthrop Management
Angela Sexsmith ARM®
, Allied Residential


New Designees At The Annual Business Luncheon & Fall Forecast - September 2015:

Heather Kreider, ARM, Sherron Associates

Aleisha Hicks, CPM, Blanton Turner

New Designees At The Yobi Tour - August 2015:

A. J. Fenner, ARM, Bachtel Property Management
Terrell Edwards, ARM, Blanton Turner
Aunna Klemp, ARM, Allied Residential
Douglas Klemp, ARM, Allied Residential

New Designees At The Wave Tour - July 2015:

Anita Beatrice Robertson, ARM, Allied Residential
Kasha Squires, ARM, Essex
Aleah Mitchell, ARM, Essex
Jennifer Huffman, ARM, Landmark

New Designees - May 2015

New Designees At The Google Tour - May 2015:

Alison Darcy, ARM, Blanton Turner
Kirk Hanson, ARM, Blanton Turner
Jennifer Hizon, ARM, Allied Residential
Amber Moreno, ARM, Premier Residential
Jason Dolloph, CPM, Mullally Development Co.
Timothy Hamann, CPM, Kimco Realty

New Designees At The Douglas Tour - March 2015:

Priscilla Umemoto, ARM, Blanton Turner
Joanna Dallas, ARM, Blanton Turner
Abbie Baughman-Greenfield, ARM, Blanton Turner
Richard Brown, ARM, Allied Residential
Melissa Meloni, CPM, Greystar (Riverstone Residential)
Nicole Kallstrom, CPM, Commonwealth RE Services
Leigh Cristobal, CPM, West and Wheeler
Renee Hanson, ARM, Essex